Create new generation Windmill

  • Client: Sample Company
  • Location: Australia
  • Turbine Equipment: CGA 35
  • Total Capacity: 400 MW
  • Completed: 2015-12-31
  • Homes Powered: 15000

Solar photovoltaic (pv) modules generate electricity from sunlight, which can be fed into the mains electricity supply of a building or sold to the public electricity grid. Reducing the need for fossil fuel generation.


  • Energy for approximately 25,000 households per year
  • Energy delivered to ERCOT through shared transmission facilities
  • Annual savings equivalent to 5 tons of coal
  • Down about 2 million liters of gas emissions greenhouse effect

conomic Benefits

Downeast Wind will create jobs and generate an entirely new source of long-term revenue for the project’s host communities and landowners. The total direct financial impact to the region is likely to exceed $172 million over about 30 years, with additional indirect economic benefits greatly exceeding that number.

In addition to paying property taxes, the project must also provide “tangible benefits” to the local host communities. The tangible benefits package for the Downeast Wind project will be determined in conjunction with local host communities and other interested parties in the region.